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Use cases

This page provides an overview of the CoE-DSC use-case reports. This page has some overlap with our use cases page. The difference between the two is that we only list the use case reports here, while the use case page also lists use cases for which no reports have been created yet.


This document aims to provide insight into the method and CoE-DSC and how this is related to the goal of the ‘unfindables’ use case, to provide insight into the possibilities of PETs and the way they can contribute to data exchange, and to determine the next steps.

This document describes the situation and challenges in Smart Industry, use case description, and key findings.

This document contains an introduction to CoE-DSC, an explanation of CID YOUth, an introduction to Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), practical examples of PETs in use, and a discussion about relevance for CID YOUth project and next steps.

MPC for MaaS
Use Case Playbook v1.0

This document contains a plan of approach and a use case playbook detailing value potential for MPC for MaaS.

Using MPC for entity resolution: a case study

This document contains an introduction to the case study, results, and the potential for other use cases.

Case study on the data collaboration in elderly care sector monitoring impact of policies and measures taken on the state of care

This document contains an introduction to the case study, a proposed governance solution, and lessons learned and next steps.

This document contains materials presented during the two workshops that CoE-DSC was invited to give on behalf of EDIH as part
of the Data Sharing Bootcamp for European Digital Innovation Hub Noord-West Nederland.


This document contains an explanation of the context transformation to sustainable built environment, two example use cases, and proposed next steps.