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Welcome to the CoE-DSC Knowledge Base, designed for experts and newcomers alike to explore the realm of data spaces. The knowledge base features resources categorized by expertise level and topic, ensuring accessibility for all visitors.

Before you start exploring, there’s a few things you need to know:

  1. This knowledge base contains both original content (content made by the Center of Excellence for Data Sharing and Cloud) and external resources. As the goal of the knowledge base is to give a general overview of the field, we do not officially endorse all resources or organisations in this knowledge base.
  2. This knowledge base does not provide an exhaustive overview, but we would like to try to have as much relevant knowledge in here as possible! Please send us your initiative or knowledge if you think we missed something.
  3. The listed resources are in Dutch and English. The language is always indicated with the resource listing.


Introductory pages
For those new to the concept, our introductory pages offer a tailored overview of data space and cloud, providing foundational knowledge and insights matched to your experience. These provide essential resources to start learning and explore further.

Topics section
Here you can find organized collections of resources on specific themes. The general topics page gives a detailed overview of the topics and sub-topics listed here.

Materials for External Usage
If you want to explain some concepts related to Data Sharing and Cloud to others, then this is the place to be! We are in the process of creating slides that can be re-used by anyone.

Are you missing something in our knowledge base? Don’t hesitate to let us know by clicking ‘Submit your initiative or knowledge‘. We value your input and strive to enhance our content with your feedback.

Curious about data spaces but not sure where to begin? We have gathered resources that will help you gain a basic understanding of the topic.

Want to deepen your knowledge about data spaces? We have gathered relevant documents for you to both test your existing knowledge on data spaces and further expand upon your current knowledge.

Want to stay up-to-date on recent developments? Those are listed here!