About the CoE-DSC

Who we are

Data sharing has the potential to generate new economic and societal value. Traditionally, organisations establish bilateral connections or share their data through a central platform controlled by a single party. However, these approaches carry the risk of vendor lock-in, fragmentation, and limited value creation.

Data spaces are the next evolution in data sharing
The next evolution in data sharing is the concept of data spaces. A data space is a decentralised infrastructure that organisations can use to make their data accessible to others based on specific agreements. Any party adhering to these agreements can participate and exchange data. Data spaces offer the scalability that traditional methods canoot offer, enabling greater innovation and economic and societal value. Examples of existing “live” data spaces in the Netherlands include SCSN and HDN, as well as the Mobility Data Space in Germany.

The CoE-DSC supports the realisation of data spaces
Significant barriers still exist when establishing data spaces, such as building trust between participants, complying with regulations, developing governance structures, and defining business models. The CoE-DSC aims to lower these barriers and help participants realise the full potential of data sharing initiatives.
Reach out to us via info@coe-dsc.nl if:

  • You want to implement a use case at scale.
  • You need technical or operational support for your data sharing initiative.
  • You want to join our community, which consists of over 500 participants.

Whilst supporting the realisation of data spaces, the CoE-DSC closely monitors the impact of the European Data Strategy and proposed regulations like the Data Act to ensure compliance, and collaborates with the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC).

Our mission

Our mission is to realise a generic data sharing infrastructure

The long-term mission of the CoE-DSC is to develop a generic data sharing infrastructure that enables seamless data sharing between existing data spaces. By promoting interoperability, parties from different sectors and domains can efficiently share data and unlock new use cases with economic and societal value.

By working on practical data sharing use cases and gathering expertise from our participants, we take tangible steps towards realising this mission.

We are an open and inclusive initiative. Please visit our event calendar to learn more about our projects and network with other community members.

Our history and founding

The CoE-DSC is a market initiative that builds upon the efforts and results of the Data Sharing Coalition, the Data Sharing working group of the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) and the Gaia-X Hub the Netherlands. Realising the synergy potential of these initiatives helps to avoid fragmentation in data sharing solutions and offers the Dutch data sharing community a single gateway to knowledge, tools, and expertise. We are an open initiative and welcome other data sharing collaboration initiatives as well as individual companies and organisations to join us.

Founding partner

The Working Group Data Sharing of the NL AI Coalition is committed to creating a flourishing data economy in the Netherlands that will make numerous new and improved AI applications possible and accelerate the implementation of AI.

Data Sharing Coalition
Founding partner

The Data Sharing Coalition was an open and international initiative in which a large variety of organisations collaborated, aiming to drive (cross-sectoral) data sharing under control of the entitled party, by realising data sharing use cases, enabling interoperability between data spaces, and strengthening individual initiatives.

Founding partner

Gaia-X Hub NL is the Dutch hub of Gaia-X, the European initiative that aims to develop a federated data and cloud infrastructure in which European values such as data sovereignty can be safeguarded.

Collaboration partner

The GOFAIR Foundation provides guidelines and solutions for making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR).

Collaboration partner

The Data Spaces Support Centre will explore the needs of data space initiatives, define common requirements, and establish best practices to accelerate the formation of sovereign data spaces as a crucial element of digital transformation in all areas.

Collaboration partner

Facilitated by TNO, the NL IDSA hub is driving interest in and adoption of data spaces from key players in the Netherlands, ensuring there is one entry point in the Netherlands for all data sharing related topics. The design principles of IDS are already operational in the manufacturing industry (SCSN). Other sectors like agro/food, energy, and health will follow.