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The general goal of this knowledge base is to provide an overview of external resources. However, we also create our own materials, and we want to showcase them! This section provides an overview of all resources created by the CoE-DSC. They are tagged by topic, just like the external resources, so it is possible you already came across some of them in the other sections.

This is the place where you can find the CoE-DSC’s annual reports. In these reports we share our yearly highlights and plans for the CoE-DSC.

This page provides an overview of CoE-DSC tools on data space development. When designing your data space, working step by step ensures progress and enhances the chances of success, which […]

The people working for or with the CoE-DSC produce many materials. This page gives an overview of all the CoE-DSC deliverables that they created. Unlike our external resources, we guarantee […]

This page provides an overview of the CoE-DSC use-case reports. This page has some overlap with our use cases page. The difference between the two is that we only list […]