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Service Providers

A data space service provider is an organisation (e.g., cloud-based service providers, consultant) that provides services to define, manage and/or operationalise a data space, typically governed by a service agreement.

This page provides an overview of European Service Providers as gathered by the CoE-DSC and presented in a market research report which was released on July 1 2023. Thus, it is possible that the overview is not entirely up-to-date.

Are you trying to find out which service providers offer a certain service?
Check out this overview of the services and the providers that offer them!

Are you looking for an overview of the providers and what they do?
Then look at the overview below, where we have listed all providers included in our market research as well as a validated overview of what they offer.

This page is meant to provide a non-exhaustive, alphabetically ordered overview of the service providers. The presence or absence of parties does not mean that the CoE-DSC does or does not endorse these parties.

AMS-IX is involved with the consortium AMdEX. AMdEX is an innovation project fieldlab initiated by AMS-IX, SURF, UvA, DEXES & Amsterdam Economic Board. AMS-IX is the penholder of the steering group of AMdEX, whereas other parties are members of the consortium. The plan is to transfer to an operational facility this year.

Centric offers software & IT assessments, cloud infrastructure, industry-specififc solutions, and an extensive portfolio of related services.

Interconnect is a Dutch cloud infrastructure provider for data & cloud centers.

KPN develops IT-infrastructure services to enable data exchange between organisations and IoT-devices. In particular, KPN focuses on hosting and scaling functional and technica data sharing components as defined by Data Space Authorities.

Leafcloud is an Amsterdam-based environmentally friendly cloud infrastructure provider.

Roseman Labs is a start-up that offers a decentralised data analytics solution to enable data analysis across multiple parties without the need for these parties to expose sensitive source data. The solution uses MPC to provide strong data-privacy properties. The software is characterized by very low computational overhead resulting in the possibility to perform complex operations on datasets of up to hundreds of millions of records.

Sovity GmbH is a Fraunhofer’s spin-off to establish Data Space technology across the globe.

Visma is a Norwegian software group that mainly offers SaaS solutions to companies and governments