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As an expert, we expect you to know what you don’t know. This means we expect you to mainly use the topics section of this knowledge base. On this expert-focused page we list resources related to recent developments in the field and resources that help you stay up-to-date on recent developments.

European Commission (2024)

The second SWD provides updates on European data spaces’ status, including developments in EU legislative frameworks like the Data Governance Act and Data Act. It also outlines ongoing EU support actions and progress for sector- or domain-specific common European data spaces over the past two years.

Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC)

The Data Spaces Blueprint 1.0 is a comprehensive guide provided by the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) to facilitate the establishment and growth of data spaces. It introduces enhanced speed, future-proofing, and federated capabilities to support parties in setting up and maturing their data space initiatives. This blueprint serves as a practical framework, offering detailed instructions on integrating building blocks during the construction and operational stages of data spaces.

Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing and Cloud (CoE-DSC)

Our own insights page is filled with interesting information and is updated regularly with the latest happenings in the field of data spaces.


The text discusses the importance of data spaces and interoperability in unlocking the full potential of data sharing. It highlights challenges in semantic interoperability across data spaces due to varying vocabularies. The paper proposes using the Data Catalogue Vocabulary Application Profile (DCAT-AP) to standardize vocabulary exchange, aiming to enhance discoverability and facilitate federated searches across data spaces, ultimately supporting semantic interoperability.


Deze memo bevat een samenvatting van de Gaia-X Digital Clearing House (GXDCH) testomgeving.


A presentation outlining the lessons learned with the Structura-X Proof of Concept from the perspectives of multiple involved parties.


This presentation details how a consortium of service providers conducts tests on cloud federation and portability within a national test environment. It addresses customer demand for flexible and sovereign cloud services while discussing challenges related to scaling up.


This paper addresses the challenges of orchestrating workload deployment in the edge-cloud continuum and provides a taxonomy to understand different aspects of this process.