Use Cases

The Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing and Cloud (CoE-DSC) works on several (cross-sectoral) use cases of data sharing. In these use cases, organisations (from different domains) collaboratively define and realise a use case that creates new value by sharing data. Besides new value creation, the use cases provide the CoE-DSC with real-life insights in what is required to achieve interoperability between different organisations, domains and/or data sharing initiatives. Based on our experience with developing different use cases, the CoE-DSC can help you tackle the common problems in use case development and to realise your data sharing use case.

Together with our participants Publiek Vervoer and Roseman Labs, we realised a use case about Multi-party computation (MPC) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), where MPC helps to securely share data with other parties in the mobility sector.