Phase 4 – Data Sharing Canvas

Data Sharing Canvas

The Data Sharing Canvas is a document that provides a foundation for agreements and serves as a stepping-stone to facilitate trust and technical interoperability for cross-domain data sharing at scale. These generic agreements concern the business, legal, operational, functional, and technical conditions under which data can and is allowed to be shared. Examples of topics include roles & responsibilities, governance, security standards, incident management, and functional scope.


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FAIR Data Point

FAIR Data Point (FDP) is a metadata service that provides access to metadata following the FAIR principles. FDP uses a REST API for creating, storing, and serving FAIR metadata. FDP

FAIR Implementation profile

To accelerate broad community convergence on FAIR implementation options, the GO FAIR community launched the development of machine-actionable FAIR Implementation Profiles (FIP). The FIP is a collection of FAIR implementation

Interpreting FAIR

The FAIR Guiding Principles provide guidance when improving Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability of digital resources. But they do not dictate specific technological implementations. The GO FAIR Foundation believes that