Webinar – Data sharing: a prerequisite for data-driven business operations

Webinar - Data sharing: a prerequisite for data-driven business operations

This content was created by the Data Sharing Coalition, one of the founding partners of the CoE-DSC.

On December 17th, together with ECP, the Data Sharing Coalition will be hosting a webinar to elaborate on data sharing as a prerequisite for data-driven business operations.

To take full advantage of new data-driven technology such as AI, public and private organisations have to share data across sectors, domains and national borders. Common, mulilateral agreements are key for data sharing, as they safeguard matters such as interoperability of data and processes, authorisation and identification, ethical values, trust, legal aspects, privacy and security.

During this webinar:

  • We will explain how the Data Sharing Coalition facilitates data sharing between organisations, while aiming to establish generic data sharing agreements, based on best practices in different sectors – in Europe and beyond.
  • Our participant HDN will provide more information about the Green Loans use case, which enables consumers to to use their energy data to benefit from valuable products and services in the financial domain.
  • IBM will illustrate the international character of data sharing: both in Europe and globally, multinationals and SMEs from various sectors collaborate on data sharing and governance, in order to optimise processes and create opportunities for innovation.
  • The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy will explain the ambitions and policy of the Dutch and European governments to implement governance in the field of data sharing.


Are you interested in attending this webinar? Please send us an email: info@coe-dsc.nl


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