Proposal CoE-DSC to conduct an in-depth analysis of European data sharing initiatives

Proposal CoE-DSC to conduct an in-depth analysis of European data sharing initiatives

Since the announcement of the European Data Strategy by the European Commission, much has been done already to fulfill on the promise of “creating a single market for data that will allow it to flow freely within the EU and across sectors for the benefit of businesses, researchers and public administrations.”

New legislation – for instance the Data Act and the Data Governance Act, the funding of the Data Spaces Support Center and the recent Simpl tender – are clear proof of an active European approach.

These are significant developments and it is important for Dutch organisations active in this field to be involved or at the very least to be informed.

The Dutch Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing and Cloud (CoE-DSC) takes the initiative to update the European data spaces overview and developments on a yearly basis. The primary objective is to focus on the organisational and governance aspects, rather than conduct a technical analysis. The aim is to understand what the main initiatives are, what the decision making entities are and what mechanisms are in place to influence the decision making.

Special emphasis will be put on two topics: (1) how will identification, authorisation and authentication (IAA) be built into data space solutions and (2) the start of the European Data Innovation Board (EDIB).

This generic analysis and the results will be presented at an event of the Centre of Excellence, where questions can be asked.

In addition, there is the opportunity to co-shape this analysis and add specific requirements of organisations, for instance to zoom in on a specific sector.

Are you interested to help co-shape this analysis?

Organisations that co-fund this initiative will be invited for an intake. In this intake, we can agree upon specific goals to be included in the analysis, such as clarity on sectoral initiatives, the interface between various European Commission parties and their governance mechanisms.

In addition, co-funding organisations can be part of interviews if personal involvement is of interest.

Finally, a dedicated presentation including the overall outcome as well as the specific questions will be shared with representatives of the co-funding organisations.

Are you interested in co-shaping the analysis? Please contact us at


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