Findings improved monitoring of human trafficking use case

Findings improved monitoring of human trafficking use case

This content was created by the Data Sharing Coalition, one of the founding partners of the CoE-DSC.

Today, the Data Sharing Coalition presents a report on the most important findings of the improved monitoring of human trafficking use case. In this case, legal and trust barriers are resolved by using multi-party computation (MPC) for secure data collaboration when monitoring sexual exploitation. This report contains insights into the context and value of this use case as well as the use case design. It concludes that this use case provides a foundation for an MPC-based data space to monitor sexual exploitation.

Legal and technical privacy measures, governance, and education are key

Through multiple workshops, Sustainable Rescue Foundation, Roseman Labs, Pinsent Masons, and the Data Sharing Coalition created a generic use case design (including a data sharing interaction model and an overview of high-level requirements for data collaboration) that is scalable and lays a foundation for other use cases.

The use case design is tailored to the data collaboration context of this use case, which is characterised by the data sensitivity, organisational diversity in monitoring human trafficking, and the use of MPC as privacy-enhancing technology. Essential elements of the use case design are therefore legal and technical privacy measures, governance of the data collaboration, and MPC-education.

Expanding data collaboration and re-using the design realises more value from data collaboration

To scale this use case and further improve monitoring of human trafficking and create additional value in the future, the current use case scope can be expanded by involving more organisations, increasing the available data, and creating new MPC applications. Furthermore, the use case can be expanded to other types of human trafficking and other countries. Finally, participants of this data space can also be connected to other MPC-based data spaces.

In the coming months, Sustainable Rescue Foundation and Roseman Labs will create a Sandbox environment based on this use case design, which allows different organisations to explore the value of data collaboration in this field. The Sandbox is open to any organisation monitoring human trafficking.

More details on the findings can be found in the report.

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