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Dutch Cloud Conference

Dutch Cloud Conference

Trends and developments in cloud technology are moving fast and are driving innovation and digital transformation. IT infrastructure design, management and security are becoming increasingly complex. Choices made today have a great impact on the future. On september 24, the Dutch Cloud Conference takes place at the Postillion Convention Centre Utrecht Bunnik.  This hands-on conference addresses the latest trends and developments in AI Ops, cloud management, cloud governance, cloud security, cost management, DevOps, networking, integration, monitoring and sustainability within IT. Meet peers, participate in sessions, network with peers and have 1-on-1 conversations with solution providers.

Are you (co-)responsible for the IT environment within your organisation?

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The programme

Peter Verkoulen, programme director of the CoE-DSC, will present a session. There are several European initiatives that want to ensure more digital sovereignty through innovation. Sharing data in a secure environment where the owner of the data has control over what happens to it, creates innovation and new economic opportunities. There are industry-driven initiatives such as Gaia-X and Structura-X and initiatives from the European Commission such as SIMPL and IPCEI-CIS. The result of these initiatives is not one new cloud, but a federated system in which many cloud service providers and users are connected in a transparent environment that enables the European data economy of the future. Deploying a federated cloud is a work in progress, also in the Netherlands where TNO, among others, is involved in many of the European initiatives.

After this session, you will know more about European cloud developments. This will help you think about your organisation’s cloud strategy for the next few years.

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What SMEs should know about EU digital legislations

What SMEs should know about EU digital legislations

Olga Batura, Senior scientist at TNO, shares some insights about the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the Digital Services Act (DSA), the Data Act, the Cyber Resilience Act, and the AI Act (which she also shared during our Community Meeting of June).