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DSIC session on interoperability

Recordings and slides of Data Spaces Interoperability Compass session on interoperability

On July 5th, the Data Spaces Interoperability Compass (DSIC) team organised an interactive session on data spaces interoperability: challenges and value potential in practice. The session (hybrid) aimed to uncover:

  1. Interoperability challenges and value potential of federating data spaces in practice
  2. What this means for the development of your data sharing initiative


Data spaces interoperability: challenges and value potential in practice


July 5th, 14:30 – 18:00


Creative Valley Utrecht CS
Stationsplein 32
3511 ED Utrecht


14:30 – Walk in
15:00 – 17:00

  1. Presentations on interoperability:
    • Uncovering the value of cross-domain data sharing (coordinated by Yekaterina Travkina and Gijs Houwelingen), including examples in practice from guest speakers, who are all representatives from Dutch data sharing initiatives:
      • Maryse Bücking – Information Architect of NTM (Nationaal Toegangspunt Mobiliteitsdata), involved in European work on interoperability in the mobility sector under EMDS (European Mobility Data Space), EDIC.
      • Niels Bolding – Technical Lead of Health-RI, focusing on connecting Dutch healthcare data for research and innovation, building bridges between data for primary and secondary use, international healthcare data sharing, and connecting data from the social domain to the healthcare domain.
      • Edwin van den Belt – Software Architect & Consultant at Dat.mobility (part of Goudappel), involved in DRO (Digitale regie op gebruik openbare ruimte), Deelmobiliteit (Shared mobility) use cases, and international/cross-border MaaS environments. A member of the Transmodel and CoRoM working groups (standardisation at European level).
      • Rik de Lange – On behalf of RVO, involved in the DVU (Datastelsel Verduurzaming Utiliteit), focusing on the interoperable exchange of energy data from non-residential buildings in the Netherlands in collaboration with iSHARE.
    • Discussion on recent EC developments on interlinking layer for federating data spaces (by Harrie Bastiaansen)
  2. Panel discussion: with our guest speakers, exploring perspectives on the topic of interoperability
  3. Interactive exercise: to explore the impact for your initiative/data space, with both online and offline audiences
    17:00 – 18:00 – Networking and drinks


Please find here an overall summary of the session, the recordings and the slidedeck.

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