Weolcan: Insights in digitisation in the Dutch Transport Sector

Weolcan: Insights in digitisation in the Dutch Transport Sector

This content was created by the Data Sharing Coalition, one of the founding partners of the CoE-DSC.

Thursday 26th of Augustus, Weolcan will present to the members of the Data Sharing Coalition her assignment and recommendations for the realisation of the Dutch Digital Transport Strategy for Freight.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management asked Weolcan’s assistance for creating the Technical High Level Design and Budget requirements for the realisation of this strategy, which is based on data sharing among participants. The Ministry had an idea on how the data could be shared, but they could not imagine what kind of organisational activities would be needed for the realisation of this strategy.

Weolcan used the Weolcan Cloud Governance Framework, addressing People, Process and Technology, to detail all activities that are required to build the solution that realises the overall goals of the Digital Transport Strategy. In the presentation for the Data Sharing Coalition, Weolcan will explain how they approached the assignment by detailing one of the Digital Transport Use Cases. The report that was delivered to the Ministry was received very well, however it imposed some unexpected challenges for them. Challenges that needed to be resolved before the Digital Transport Strategy could be realised.

The presentation will dive into the technical and organisational challenges and provide some of the overall findings in this engagement. And it will provide a key take away of the advice to the Ministry that is considered relevant for the members of the Data Sharing community.


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