TNO/BIT/SmartSense/CoE-DSC-team wins first prize at Gaia-X Hackathon

TNO/BIT/SmartSense/CoE-DSC-team wins first prize at Gaia-X Hackathon

The 7th Gaia-X Hackathon was part of the Tech-X 2024 conference that took place on May 23rd and 24th in Luxembourg. This year’s event awarded prizes to the top three teams based on their impact on the community, the adoption of Gaia-X technologies, and the quality of their presentations. The TNO/BIT/SmartSense/CoE-DSC-team was awarded the first prize with their presentation “Cloud federation with Gaia-X for SME CSPs.”

Data sharing trust-issues solved

When two Cloud Service Providers want to peer their computational clusters, in order to pool their resources to accommodate a demanding computing workload for example, how can they find each other in an open ecosystem? And more importantly, how are they able to trust each other to peer their infrastructures? During the two days of the Hackathon, the TNO/BIT/Smartsense/CoE-DSC-team looked at how a digital contract between two CSPs could be operationalised. By using semantic technologies, the team ensured compliance of legal contracts between parties wishing to peer their infrastructures. And hereby showed how data sharing trust issues between parties could be solved. For this exploration during the 2024 Gaia-X Tech-X Conference & Hackathon the TNO/BIT/ SmartSense/CoE-DSC-team was awarded the first prize. Congratulations to Giulia Biagioni, Serkan Keskin and Marko Milovanović (TNO/CoE-DSC), Lawrence Cook and Stefan Kooman (BIT) and Maharshi Suchak and Yogi Dhingani (SmartSense).

First step towards a federated European open cloud infrastructure

Winning the Proof of Concept (POC) is the first step in developing the technological foundation for validating and verifying (legal) requirements for the exchange of cloud services. And in the vision of the team, this POC will help to stimulate an open European cloud ecosystem, leading to a federated open cloud infrastructure for Europe. The team will continue working on this as part of the IPCEI-CIS initative (TNO), the ECOFED project (TNO), as well as the Structura-X project.

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