The contribution of the Data Sharing Coalition to the Dutch Digitalisation Strategy

The contribution of the Data Sharing Coalition to the Dutch Digitalisation Strategy

This content was created by the Data Sharing Coalition, one of the founding partners of the CoE-DSC.

On 25 June 2020, the Dutch government released an updated version of its Digitalisation Strategy. In this new version, the Data Sharing Coalition was mentioned as an initiative that makes an important contribution to the goal of the government to take advantage of the economic and social opportunities of digitalisation.

Dutch Digitalisation Strategy

In June 2018, the government published the first version of its strategy which specifies what is needed to ensure that the Netherlands maintains its digital frontrunner position in Europe.

The Dutch Digitalisation Strategy elaborates on the ambitions and objectives of the government for a successful digital transition in the Netherlands. Every year, it is examined whether new developments require an adjustment of the strategy.

In this updated version it has been specified which themes have to be a priority in 2020. Next to ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘digital skills and inclusion’, ‘digital government’, ‘digital connectivity’ and ‘digital resilience’, our focus area of ‘data sharing and access’ is one of them. According to the government, “the importance of data continues to increase for the economy and society. Data is essential for improving existing products and services, creating new products and services and solving social challenges in areas such as mobility, energy, care and climate.”

The contribution of the Data Sharing Coalition

In the updated strategy, the Data Sharing Coalition was mentioned as a growing initiative that is working on a solution to enable cross-sectoral data sharing between organisations.

The government says it supports the Data Sharing Coaliton because it enables innovative projects and pilots around cross-sectoral data sharing under control of the entitled party. According to the strategy, setting up a generic system of agreements for responsible and cross-sectoral sharing will also provide added value internationally.

Sander Middendorp, chair of the Data Sharing Coalition: “We are pleased to be mentioned as a building block of the digitalisation strategy. By combining data from different sectors, we believe we can create opportunities for Dutch businesses and contribute to major social challenges such as quality of life, mobility and the energy transition.”

Are you interested to learn more about the Dutch Digitalisation Strategy? Please find here the updated version. (Dutch only)


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