Ockto: Personal data sharing via the individual

Ockto: Personal data sharing via the individual

This content was created by the Data Sharing Coalition, one of the founding partners of the CoE-DSC.

Thursday 30 September Paul Janssen, Product Director at Ockto, will give a presentation at the Data Sharing Coalition Community Meeting about Ockto in the world of personal data sharing. He will tell about Ockto and current and future use cases where individuals will share their personal data.

In many (financial) processes, consumers have to provide a lot of data about themselves and their household. This includes mostly lots of research and is very time-consuming. With Ockto, an individual can share all personal data necessary for a fully digital onboarding and customer management while remaining in control of the shared data.

Ockto is market leader in The Netherlands for personal data sharing. Most Dutch financial institutions already are connected to the Ockto platform.

The session audience will be triggered to think and discuss about the question if and when an individual needs to be actively involved when 2 or more organisations want to share data about him or her?


If you would like to join this month’s Community Meeting, please send us an email: info@coe-dsc.nl


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