NL AIC presents two reference guides to responsible data sharing for AI applications

NL AIC presents two reference guides to responsible data sharing for AI applications

This content was created by the NL AI Coalition, one of the founding partners of the CoE-DSC.

The NL AI Coalition has the ambition to ensure that the Netherlands is at the forefront of knowledge and application of AI for prosperity and well-being. To achieve this goal, it is crucial to make data widely available so that AI algorithms can be fed with correct information.

Accelerating AI implementation

The Data Sharing working group is therefore committed to creating a thriving data sharing environment in the Netherlands that will enable numerous new and improved AI applications and will accelerate the implementation of AI. However, making the data available or accessible must be done in a controlled and responsible manner. One method to reliably share data for the benefit of AI is by joining the European data strategy regarding data spaces. This ensures that a Dutch approach is also well embedded internationally and an open and fair data sharing environment is created. In a data space, the data of government agencies, businesses and citizens is safely used by AI developments for the public good and earning power of businesses.

International approach

Data sharing for the benefit of AI crosses sectors and national borders. With the developments described in both publications, the Data Sharing working group contributes to both Dutch and European initiatives. Within the Netherlands, the ‘Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing and Cloud (CoE-DSC)’ takes over the follow-up work on data sharing for the benefit of AI. This centre is a joint follow-up initiative to the work of the Data Sharing Coalition, the NL AIC Data Sharing working group and Gaia-X hub the Netherlands. These results will be further disseminated in Europe in, for example, the International Data Spaces Association, Gaia-X and Data Spaces Support Centre.

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