Findings use case benchmarking for Industry Associations

Findings use case benchmarking for Industry Associations

This content was created by the Data Sharing Coalition, one of the founding partners of the CoE-DSC.

Today, the Data Sharing Coalition presents a report on the most important findings of the use case on benchmarking for Industry Associations. In this case, a third party (e.g. Accountant) shares qualified and standardised data on behalf of an Industry Association member with an Industry Association for benchmarking purposes. This report consists of the use case design, insights on the context of the use case and a view on the future role of Industry Associations in the data economy. It concludes that Industry Associations foresee expansion of benchmarking activities and a future role as trusted intermediary in data sharing.

This use case is a step towards expanded benchmarking capabilities 

Through multiple workshops, SBR Nexus and the Data Sharing Coalition created a generic use case design (including a data sharing interaction model and an overview of business, legal, operational, functional and technical requirements for sharing data) that is scalable to different Industry Associations and multiple data types.

Multiple Industry Associations were interviewed to assess their view on this use case. Industry Associations expect that in the nearby future they will expand their benchmarking capabilities to provide more frequent benchmarks and to provide benchmarks based on non-financial data (e.g. energy data).

Industry Associations recognise a potential role as trusted intermediary

Together with several Industry Associations, their potential role as a trusted intermediary for data sharing was discussed. In their role as ‘Data Trust”, Industry Associations function as an intermediary and securely open up data of members to external organisations to create new value for members. By bundling different data sources from different members, the Data Trust can share aggregated and anonymised data on behalf of their members with interested organisations.  Industry Associations recognise the potential of fulfilling this role as a trusted intermediary with regards to data sharing for the future. In the coming months, SBR Nexus, the Data Sharing Coalition and multiple Industry Associations will further explore the role of Industry Associations in the data economy.

More details on the findings can be found in the report.

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