DS4Skills announces the launch of the Blueprint for the European Data Space for Skills & Employment

In our dynamic world of technological advancements, improving education for future generations and upskilling the workforce is crucial. The DS4Skills project has been working on preparing a Roadmap for the future European Data Space for Skills & Employment, that can equip the EU population with essential skills for the future.

The Blueprint provides a strategic plan emphasising collaboration, trust, and open data exchange. Crafted with expert partners and valuable stakeholder input, it includes:

  1. Usage Scenarios: Practical applications for the data space.
  2. Business Models: Frameworks for data space use cases.
  3. Governance Models: Structures ensuring effective data management.
  4. Technical Architecture: Building blocks for seamless integration.
  5. User Experience Recommendations: Enhancing usability for diverse needs..

The Blueprint offers organisations practical tools and visual guidelines to adopt the data space and develop specific use cases that benefit both citizens and organisations.

To illustrate each section and its recommendations, a fictional skills data space, called EU-Dune, was created. This use case allows users to follow “Matilda’s Journey” and understand how a skills data space could work in real life to support citizens in their career progression and training options.

More than a blueprint, it’s a call to action to an inclusive, thriving digital future.

Do you want to explore the Blueprint? Please discover it here.


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